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Buendia is a collaborative collective of artists, MCs, Producers, dancers, and film makers looking to pioneer a racially new form of art that is acutely in-sync with the social changes that shape our human consciousness.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Buendia Productions presents Grita Libertad Mixtape

Versos - Techos Desechos
Jest &  Solace - Constant Change
Jest, Solace & Versos - Illegal Pilgrims 1692
Jest & Knob - Revolutionary Guru

Each track speaks to the process of reflection and action. Know your history and you will know a piece of yourself.

Revolutionary Guru was written during the days of the immigrant rights protest in California. People were screaming but saying little. They were met with the strong arm of the law. Tear gas and bodies fighting while being dragged fill the TV screen. Marching and protesting raises awareness and lets the media spot light us to the general public. Revolution comes from working together to effect change.


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