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Buendia is a collaborative collective of artists, MCs, Producers, dancers, and film makers looking to pioneer a racially new form of art that is acutely in-sync with the social changes that shape our human consciousness.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Solace - Knowledge

This mix beams Nu Jazz Hip-Hop directly into your mind. For those of you who like that old school 'real' Hip Hop sound and Jazzy Flows, enjoy, and for those of you wondering what Nu Jazz Hip-Hop is, Grab some Knowledge.

1. Latitude Remix ft. Five Deez - Nujabes
2. Samura's Optic - Cyne
3. Cornerstone - Blue Scholars
4. Feather - Cyne ft. Nujabes
5. Seasons - RJD2
6. Think Different ft. Substantial - Nujabes
7. Don't Even Try It - Funky DL ft. Nujabes
8. 400 Years - Cyne ft. Nujabes
9. On the Eve of War ft. Gza - Jedi Mind Tricks
10. I have a Dream - (produced by Pete Rock) - Edo G ft. Master Ace
11. 'Hi,Mom!~A Prayer for World Peace ft. Abstract Rude - Nomak
12. A Tribe Called Quest & Fugees, Busta Rhymes & Forte - Winee the Punk
13. Caught in a Hustle - Immortal Technique

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